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Reasons To Be Happy:

  1. Dead trees still stand and so can you.
  2. You have five fingers on each hand. One day those fingers will travel from your lap to someone else’s and that person will know all the bad stuff and still want to kiss you. 
  3. Seasons are guaranteed when nothing else seems to be.


hey! my dash appears to be deprived of:

~ teen wolf

~ supernatural

~ the maze runner

~ marvel (captain america, spiderman, etc.)

~ sherlock

~ dylan o’brien

~ game of thrones

so if you post any of those things, reblog this and i’ll check out your account! (;

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Teen Wolf (Sterek) BBC Merlin AU

Stiles as Merlin, Derek as King Arthur, Allison as Gwen, Scott as Lancelot, Lydia as the Lady Morgana, Cora, Erica, Boyd and Isaac as knights of The Round Table, Jackson as The Dragon, and Danny as Gaius, Stiles’s long-suffering master.

When his fiancée elopes with Sir Scott, King Derek is too busy being smitten with his Court Magician to even pretend to care about it. But soon problems arise and King Derek will need all of his knights to protect Camelot Hills from the traitorous Mordred twins.

A.k.a. Stiles is Merlin and Jackson is The Dragon and no one has seen such a brooding Once and Future King before.


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